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Books to read – Beyond This Point  –  The Next Act –  The Case BookRecollections of a WWII 

 Dr. Higgenbottom is one of 5 stories in the book, Beyond This Point. Revised, you can read it for free on this website.

Chance Meeting is a short, cute and true story of how Jim met his future wife in 1945, during war time.

 It’s a Gas is online.

One of the most popular stories – Sick Call 

How did we meet scientist great – Merle Rollins? Later to meet him in Higgenbottom’s laboratory (Xevatron)? Turns out that after Pete gave Higgenbottom our card, he bought the book, The Next Act, and read the story, The Missing Math Man.

How I met Jim and Pete started with their first visit to the Richenbach estate in the short story, Bellingham’s Book Hunt.

I punched holes in the Jolly Drinker’s eyes the first time JJ was in the sitting room. Introduction


Q: Why dumbots?

A: I (DN) started to build robots for the estate. Sphere was a bartender. Sam and Sammy were servers. When I did my dissertation at the Xevatron laboratory, they needed some automation and offered to build some robots. Sometimes they failed miserably and I yelled, “you dumbot.”

Q: Where’s the Dr. Higgenbottom, eBook? Softcover? Will you publish the end of it? Is there another story? Sequel? Did anyone approach you for a movie?

A: There is no ebook. We had to promise not to create an electronic version of the story. Considering that promise, I posted most of the story on this website. A few softcovers are still available at Amazon.  I’m writing a sequel – it’s complicated. Movie? I have a good place to film it if there’s an Irwin Allen type producer out there.

Q: Is Cupcake a robot?

A: No, Cupcake is delicious. Blog</a>

dumbot@dumbots. net

Q: We’re waiting for the movie, Buttons!.

A: Me too.

Autism Foundation: GoldenHat Foundation

Q: What book is the story, Rock Harbor in? Post it?

A: It’s the first story in, Beyond This Point. I may post it later.


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